Head Clerk Exam English Paper Solution

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1. Everyone stood up, Didn't they
2. Who do you think...
3. Plural of Ratio-Ratios
4. Synonym of Poison-Venom
5  Odd one.-Foul
6. Past of Seek-Sought
7. More, better
8. Opposite. Monk x Nun
9. Voice. We were told by our teacher that...
10. Born
11. Degree. Rohan does not play so well as he.
12.The patient could have been saved..
13. The sincere are...
14. Adjective. Move- Moveable
15. Opposite. Abbot x Abbess
16. Stationary
17. Voice. I was asked my name by them.
18. Take care Lest...
19. Past of Bereave- Bereft
20. A person who eats human flesh- Cannibal
21. Speech. He said that honesty is the best policy.
22.Verb of Poor-Impoverish
23. Due...to
24. Noun of Weave-A &B
25. Spelling-Lieutenant
26. Exclam. What a memorable match it was !
27.The more the merrier
28. Having seen the jeep of police..
29. Voice. Tea is too hot to be drunk for me.
30. They hanged the rebels...
31. You will be suspended unless you pay your fees.
32. I am a fast bowler, ain't I ?
33. C.
Lion-Den, Bee-Hive, Spider-Web, Cow-Pen
34. This is a very interesting story.
35. Inspite of sickness...
36. Plural. Brother-Brethren
37. Antonym. Clergy x Laity
38. Has the dinner not been prepared...
39. They hung the silver lamps....
40. Fool-forth placeword
41. Kine- domesticated bovine..
42. Adapt
43. Earth : Solar system

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