Fix Karmchario ne Khas Raja (Special Leave) Babat Paripatra

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Fix Karmchario ne Khas Raja (Special Leave) Babat Paripatra
“Write down any question you hear from customers more than twice. That’s ripe for content,” he says. “Get your sales team involved. Have them constantly share the questions they get, or the challenges they people have, and build a heatmap. Really mine that data to figure out what you should be writing about.”
Part of this process might be figuring out you don’t need content at all, or that it’s not the right time. So audience analysis should probably precede bringing on someone to run it full time. If you don’t value digital marketing that much — or most of your customers aren’t coming through that channel — then save your money. If you’re pre-product-market fit as a company, don’t invest in content. That deserves all your focus, and if you pivot, you’ll waste a ton of work. Even the best content won’t help you.
“You have to be really honest with yourself at this stage,” Coleman says. “It’s not just whether you should and can produce content. It’s
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