Talati Model Paper No.23 Download

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Talati Model Paper No.23 Download
Identifying your audience is not as simple as looking at the demographics of your customer base and saying: “These people.” There’s all the people who aren’t yet buying your product, who have never heard of you, who may encounter a piece of content way before they ever discover your company. Your audience has to be inherently aspirational, and you have to quantitatively define these aspirations to get to them.
“You need to have clearly defined metrics around the type of people you’re wanting to get in front of and draw in,” says Coleman. “How old are they? Where do they live? What kind of sites do they frequent? What kind of content do they even want to engage with? How often do they see something like an ad or a tweet, or whatever, before making a purchasing decision?” You want to know these people by the numbers — as intimately as you possibly can.
This is how you’ll make your initial content decisions. Will you just focus on text? Mix-media? How often? All of these answers stem from the audience you’re targeting. Your content is a product unto itself and you have to find out where it fits into the broader ecosystem of people’s needs and wants.
When Contently launched in 2010, it was a dwarf among giants. The fledgling firm set out to help brands tell their stories more fully by ramping up high-quality content — namely blog posts and articles that didn’t sound like they were robo-generated based on keywords. At the time, their primary competitor was goliath Demand Media, which was doing exactly that. The tide changed when Google released its Panda algorithm in 2011, effectively shutting off traffic to the junky, sponsored content that littered the web. Demand Media crashed as Contently bloomed.
produced so far. “You can look at newsletter subscriptions, page views, whatever. You just need to establish milestones that you know you can hit that are on the road to generating business. This will keep people from freaking out.”
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